Disable blue LED on ESP8266

I am working with a NodeMCU I would like to prevent the blue LED from flashing during wireless data transfers. This is both because the LED is really bright and distracting out of the corner of your eye, and also to save some power.

I'm keen to keep the LED working for diagnostics purposes so I'd prefer not to simply physically cut it off, just somehow tell the device not to flash during normal operation.

Easiest way that comes to mind would be a small piece of black plastic electrical tape stuck over it. Easy to remove if you need to.

The firmware is open source, so figure out where the blue LED is being flashed, and remove that line.

Thanks folks, I'll dig around in the libraries and see what I can find. I guess I'll need to be careful about updated libraries overwriting my changes.

I was wondering if there might have been a variable or constant I could assign a value to do the same, but I suppose the answer to that would be in the library as well!