Distributed Wireless Sensors Data Collection

Hi Guys!

I got some ESP Boards with some temp, humidity, barometer and lux sensors. I can find some Tutorials on the Web on how to get them to work and run a Server on the Board to access it woth my Smartphone, but i am planning to have 5-10 Sensors connected to Wifi and i am looking for a method where i can get the Data from a Webpage, that does not run on the ESP itself.
For instance in my Network is allready a PiHole running which has a Webserver, so it would be nice to make a Website that is gathering the Data from the Connected Sensors.
I have seen there is Systems like openhab, what can do this bit it seems like a overkill to use this to me, so far there is not to much planned in home automation…

How would you solve this to collect the Data from the Sensors? Is it possible to build some kind of API and use a GET Request to gather the Informations from each connected Device?

Thanks for Help!

I use Node-Red on a Raspberry Pi to collect sensor data from several sources.
I display this in the Node-Red Dashboard

and also log the data to an Influx database that I can display in Chronograph

I would let the ESP's push data to a server (see the webclient repeating example)
Store the data either in a database or flat files on the server (a small php script gathers as entrypoint for the ESP webclient)
let the webpage extract that data from the database or the flat file(s) (a small php script to gather data from all relevant data).

so basically split data gathering - data storage and data representation.

I forgot to mention that I use MQTT (broker running on the RPi) to request the data from the sensors when I want it though the sensors will also sent results if I don't request within a certain time.