DMD library with Arduino (Uno) Boe Bot - pin conflict

Let me know if this is the wrong forum and I'll shift it! It's kind of a hardware/software issue.

I'm trying to mount a DMD on an Arduino (Uno) Boe Bot to create a moving signboard. I'm using the DMD library, which works great for displaying scrolling text. However, I'm getting what I think is a pin conflict on pin 10 - after the DMD/TimerOne initialisation code runs, the servos are unusable.

In the DMD library I found that pin 10 is used:

    //Arduino pins used for the display connection
    #define PIN_DMD_nOE       9    // D9 active low Output Enable, setting this low lights all the LEDs in the selected rows. Can pwm it at very high frequency for brightness control.
    #define PIN_DMD_A         6    // D6
    #define PIN_DMD_B         7    // D7
    #define PIN_DMD_CLK       13   // D13_SCK  is SPI Clock if SPI is used
    #define PIN_DMD_SCLK      8    // D8
    #define PIN_DMD_R_DATA    11   // D11_MOSI is SPI Master Out if SPI is used
    //Define this chip select pin that the Ethernet W5100 IC or other SPI device uses
    //if it is in use during a DMD scan request then scanDisplayBySPI() will exit without conflict! (and skip that scan)
    #define PIN_OTHER_SPI_nCS 10

Based on this thread I tried changing PIN_OTHER_SPI_nCS to pin 11 but it doesn't fix the issue. This is my setup function. I can make the robot move up until that DMD Configuration section runs, but after that the servos don't respond.

    void setup() {
      // put your setup code here, to run once:
      /* Boe bot */
      /* DMD configuration */
      // ScanDMD is called every 5ms, refreshing the DMD display
      dmd.clearScreen(true); // true = turn all LEDs off (instead of on) when clearing the display
      // Set DMD to display default message until a message arrives
      currentMessage = defaultText;

This is the attachServos() function:

    void attachServos() {
      // Attach signals to servo pins (pins 12 and 10 - unused by DMD)

Boe Bot usually uses pins 12 and 13 for the servos, but I changed 13->10 because it looks like DMD needs 13.

I'd really appreciate any help if it's possible to reserve pin 10 for the servo! I think the issue might be with TimerOne - reading this page it looks like the intialize() function requires pin 10.

Are you using shields? If so, it may not be possible to "Change Pins" by simply changing the code.

Hello sir , i am making wireless notice board using arduino uno and DMD but the letter are not printing propely,
what to do.