dmesg and lsusb give same output whether board is connected or not

I have two Arduino Fio ports. I am running Ubuntu 11.10, and installed Arduino 22 via apt-get (0022ubuntu0.1). I have restarted after installation.

In the Tools tab, the Serial Port menu is disabled.

The board is connected to my computer via USB, and the yellow/orange diode is on.

I have read quite a few topics on this website to find a solution, and the helpful people on the forum often asks for the result of dmesg and lsusb. However, when I do lsusb, the result is exactly the same when the board is connected as when it is not. The same is true for dmesg; same output connected and disconnected board. I have tried this with both of my two Arduino Fio boards.

Isnt dmesg and lsusb supposed to print additional or different information when the boards are connected?

Sincerely, Velle

Are the cable, USB port, and any hubs in the path known to be good? If you plug up something else with the same cable and port, what is the behavior?

Cables go bad, and I had a bad one that was new right out of the box just last week.

dmesg shows syslog entries, which can be buffered for a few seconds (but usually aren't). lsusb shows the state of the bus at the time you execute the command. I think you must be root to run lsusb.


Link to the board please?

The FIO ones I know don't support USB at all. The USB connector is used for power only.

I have borrowed the devices from the university, so I am not exactly sure what Fio it is. On the print it simply says "Arduino Fio". See pictures below.

I guess it is possible, that the USB port is only for charging. In that case, how am I supposed to upload code to it? I also have a smaller red device, see picture below.

I think that might be this XBee Explorer USB.

Can I somehow upload my code to the board via ZigBee?

The red board is a FTDI chip, which is a USB to Serial converter.

So you can connect the TX / RX of the red board to the RX / TX of the Fio. Connect DTR as well so that auto-reset works.