DMX controller

Hi all
I cant get my rs485 shield to work with my arduino and dmx contoller. Itried using copernius and dmx simple library on the arduino and connected it to an rs485 BReakout shield then to my DMX Controller as follow.

G to GND on dmx controller
B to D+ on dmx controller
A to D- on dmx controller
RTS to 5v on arduino
Tx to GND on arduino
RX to pin D1 on arduino
and 3-5V to 5v on arduino

How should the dip switches on the controller be set? I can se anywhere in the code that you can set the address to the dmx controller. So i assumed that dip switch 1 on and then i connected my lamp to ch 1,2,3

cheers kim

Do you have a link to the RS485 shield that shows the pinouts from it and ideally a schematic drawing of it. The way you describe wiring it up seems wrong but without more details cannot be sure.

I made a quick and dirty wiring diagram in paint, yupp what i have at work :slight_smile:

I also included the manual that came with the dmx controller(Yes it was a badly cropped image…)

Without the schematic for the MAX485 breakout board I will have to make a few guesses. Also I'm assuming your using DMX Simple with it's default pin 3 as the TX pin (that's what your picture shows).

On the Arduino to MAX485 side...
Arduino 5V goes to 3-5V and RTS pins. Arduino pin 3 connects to TX-O pin, GND to GND & the RX-I pin is left unconnected.

On the DMX Controller to MAX485 side...
I think the D+ & D- wires going to the DMX controller may need swapping over so D+ goes to A on MAX485 and D- goes to B, the GND to G is correct.