Do-While Statement with two conditions

Arduino Mega 2560 Also Using Adafruit motor shield

I am trying to make it so something happens when digitalRead(2) and digitalRead(3) both = 0. I have:

{ do{; Serial.println(0); }while ((digitalRead(2) == 0) && (digitalRead(3) == 0)); }

what am I doing wrong?

When it gets to that block of code, it will run the code in the do {} block once. Then, it will check the conditional, and run it again; repeat until the condition is no longer true.

What do you want it to do? Clearly not that - but it's not clear why if you want to do that when both conditions are true, you can't just use an if statement.

I’d suggest an if:

if ( (digitalRead(2) == 0) && (digitalRead(3) == 0) ){
// do something
else {
// do something else