Does 7.2VDC RC battery pack kill 6VDC servos?

I have been using 7.2VDC battery pack usually used for RC vehicles. A few days ago, some EZ-Robot S08NF STD servos died. Now, some Power HD 1501 MG servos died. I'm afraid to use Futaba S3003 servos with the 7.2 VDC battery pack. Any suggestions?

Any suggestions?

Follow the min and max voltage recomendations for the servos.

Most standard servos are rated for 4.8 to 6.0 VDC (generally for the electronics inside). There are models of servos out there designed for higher voltages, but as zoomkat noted, you need to check the datasheets for your servos before applying power. When in doubt, try 5 VDC first.

How do I create a circuit that reduces 7.2VDC to 6.0VDC?

Get a BEC for off the shelf voltage conversion, they're pennies

The 7.2 volt battery pack sounds like a Li-Po pack? If so it's output voltage will be proportional to it's state of charge reaching 8.4vdc at full charge and down to 6vdc where you should stop drawing current or risk overdischarging the pack which can cause permanent damage to the battery. But that aside running most servos at higher then 6.0 is a good way to start and build up a collection of ex-servos.


How do I create a circuit that reduces 7.2VDC to 6.0VDC?

Easiest way is probably to get a 7806 6v regulator.... if that's unavailable then the 7805 5v is very very common and will be ok with your servos if they are the 4.8 to 6v ones. Read about them here.

Search ebay or hobbyking for UBEC's. These devices will step down the voltage to 5 or 6V and are used in RC cars/planes to power the servos. Your local RC store will probably have some in stock... Most "RC" servo's are made for a max voltage of 6V.