Does stepper motor capable to use in micro-nanopositioning applications?


Can we use stepper motor in nanopositioning application? Can we use for example to ensure movement of microscopies.

If not are they capable for micropositioning?

I have searched but not found to much info.

Thank you very much.

Don't see why it's not possible - but if it makes sense once economic considerations (other more suitable technologies) are taken into account is the question...

The term you're looking for is "motorized linear stage". They're expensive though. other suitable technologies I was referring to piezo stages. If you're really into nanopositioning, then I think you'd be wise to be aware of them.

It’s all about gear ratio. Steppers can move a fraction of a degree with the right controller but add a worm-drive or other gears and you can get very small movements. Adding gears does add backlash bit if it’s Arduino controlled, you can reduce backlash by just knowing how many extra steps to take when reversing directions.