Dog Crate door on RF

Hi everyone, I need a project idea to create automatic door for dog crate which intend to work as under

From outside, RF key fob on dog collar is detected at 2 feet distance and door opens and remain open for one minute and then closes. If the dog is in between the door, then door will not close and closes again after one minute if dog is not in between door. This is the loop

From inside, same concept to go out but the key fob will read different key to open the door

So this is a slightly bigger version of the repeated cat/ chook project?

How can a key fob provide a different key depending on where it is located?

How will the dog remember which fob to present to the reader?

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when the dog wants to get something, they will figure it out.
no doubt that if you have 3 different ones,front, rear, side, the dog will figure out which is which and use the right one.

now... bout that drool proofing.....

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What kinda dog?


A watchdog. But gated.

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