DollyShield board - how to make?

I am not sure is this right place to ask this but lets try...

I bought Dynamic Perception's DollyShield DIY kit about five years ago and I built motorized camera slider. Then I sold the whole system for some reason that I can not remember :)

DollyShield DIY kit looked like this -> link to image

Now I would like to build that kind of system again but unfortunately Dynamic Perception does not sell that DIY kit anymore. They have now newer version (mx3) that costs 195$. DIY kit was something like 60-70$ five years ago.


There are still all kinds of documentation about that DollyShield PCB.

You can find brd, sch and bom files etc... You can also find needed software for that system:

and firmware updater is here

My question is that is it possible to order that pcb somewhere with that information found in above links? I have no idea how to make pcb boards and what is needed.

And if it is possible is it expensive? Or should I just buy the new MX3 controller for 195$ and forget the older version....