Dont have the SIK_Guide Code [solved]

On my programm ADE software I don't have the guide option like this:

I recently downloaded the latest version. What can I do? I need the guide for a class project.

I don't either, on either of the versions I checked, Where did they come from in the first place?

I asked Mr. Google. Seems he knows all.

Did you unzip the downloaded SLK Guide Code file and then place it the example folder of the Arduino program.

My path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\arduino-1.6.4\examples

Edit: SIK Code Download Page - SparkFun Electronics

No how do you do that I cant find the examples folder and how do you unzip it

Nvm i got it thanks

go to SIK Code Download Page - SparkFun Electronics and the code will download automatically.

Find the download on your computer and unzip the downloaded file. In the unzipped directory you will find a file called SIK_Guide_Code_32. Move that folder into the Arduino program examples file. When the ide is restarted, the examples should show up as you want