Don't need #include anymore?

Im running IDE 1.8.0 and I noticed I’d missed putting in the Adafruit neoPixel library #include. But, wait… everything was compiling and running just fine.

I was setting up a package for someone and the plan was to drop all the library file they would need into their project folder. I grabbed copies of the required library files, switch all the #include <xxx.h> to #include “xxx.h” and the compiler/linker went bananas! Everything was found twice.

So I set up another .ino file without the library files and left the #includes as " ". And no Adafruit neoPixel library at all. Eerything ran fine!?

What’s going on with these new IDEs and how they are handling #includes & libraries? What’s the rules now?


-jim lee

Seriously this is a PAIN! >:( I had a library in one of my library folders that isn't compatible with another library. Fine, I don't use them in the same code they are used for different types of screens. But, since one of my files AT ONE TIME had included both. I have to physically remove the files from my library folder to get this to compile.

I'm I the only one that sees this?

-jim lee