Doublechecking how to power Arduino

Hey guys!

I have finally finished the first version of my project and now I want to get it away from my PC. Therefore I just wanted to make sure that I don’t hook up the power incorrectly and damage something. I have got a 2s LiPo with a step-up board that delivers 5v (I measured 5.03V).

Now my options are: USB-Port, 5v, vin.
As far as I understand I should be able to connect it straight to 5v and GND - is that correct? And is this the way you would recommend?

Thank you very much for your help in advance!

If you look at the schematic for the Arduino (Uno ?) then you will see that connecting to the +5v rail puts the voltage onto the output of the Unos 1117 5v regulator.

Its a case of will this damage the 5V regulator or does it have a protection diode ? plus different/clone boards have different makers of the 1117 regulators.

5v to the usb socket or 7v to Vin seem the better ways.

ricky101: 5v to the usb socket or 7v to Vin seem the better ways.

Or ~7V to the jack, of course.

What ricky101 said is pretty much what it says under "Power", about halfway down this (Uno) page.

Thanks guys!

I used the USB port and everything is working great (=

Have a nice day!

Hi, Lots of details about Arduino/Power on This Page.

It is not unusual to supply 5.0V from a regulated supply to the 5V input on Arduino.