Drawing lines, arc, and halftones with a wall crawling drawbot




No idea what that means.

No pictures, no video, no proof the code does what it says its supposed to do. Too bad.

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http://github.com/i-make-robots/drawbot was linked from the article. See "Download Drawbot Arduino code here" right at the top?

Should I move this to Exhibition?

Why do I hear so many complaints about the lack of memory on Arduinos? This was only 20k (compiled) and should run on every flavor of Arduino.

Including the ones fitted with 168s?

I wouldn't. The code base has grown since then and no longer runs on the 168s. I'm sure it could but I haven't targeted for that platform. There's a lot of ways the code could be shrunk and (maybe) it could still be made to fit. Right now that's not my focus. I'm compiling it on Due328s, UNOs, and Megas and that's more than enough for me.