Driving a round AMOLED display

Hi there,

I am relatively new to the world of microcontrollers but have had a little bit of experience with displays as I have cobbled together / adapted a driver for an ili9341 adafruit SPI display.

Moving on from this I have my sights set a bit higher but want to check whether what I am thinking is possible and if anyone has any of the information I can't find.

I am looking to use a round AMOLED display with an ESP32 and have found 2 basic options (with a 3rd that is slightly different). I have found some displays based on an RM69330 display driver (such as this: 1.39 Inch Ips 454x454 Rohs Round Oled Display Module Lcd - Buy Smart Touch Panel,Ips Touch Panel,Amoled Panel Product on Alibaba.com ) which seems to support MIPI and SPI, which seems to be backed up by the vague pinouts I have seen that have SPI labled pins. The other lookks to be driven by an RM69080 display driver that only appears to have MIPI pinouts and so wouldn't be suitable to be used with an ESP32. As another option there is something like this larger screen that appears to support SPI/RGB: 2.1 inch round lcd display 480x480 color tft RGB/MIPI interface

One problem I am running into is that I cannot find a datasheet for the RM69330, or any written drivers, which would make it very difficult to use the screen.

Additionally I am not sure what I would need to plan in terms of additional components (resistors, capacitors, etc.) to use the screen as I assume they would be needed.

Does any one have any experience with any of these screens or know of anywhere with a write up or code detailing them?

Thanks in advance for any advice you might have.


your first link does not exist ! but second item have a ST7701S controller
if there is no library then you need to write it for this driver controller ...
download datasheet for ST7701S

as i see in alibaba shop there is some other products that have a
pcb with them and works like lcd modules

Hi Marteen,

Thank for the reply, wrt. the first link it appears to have included the final braket in the link, here it is again: https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/1-39-inch-ips-454x454-rohs_62286293416.html

For the other, thank you for a link to the datasheet, I think I have seen drivers for an ST7701 so I may be able to get it working, or if not it, the datasheet seems to have a similar structure to the ILI9341 driver so i should be able to get something working. The only isse with the screen is that it is a bit on the large size, the 1.39inch of the other seems like a sweet spot in size.

the datasheet seems to have a similar structure to the ILI9341 driver so i should be able to get something working.

Yes, datasheets are similar in some parts ... but there is a difference in driving LCDs (ie: spi / parallel)
Im not writing lib. for this type of lcds, but you can use Github and SPI TFT libraries that is writed by other programmers and study these libraries and found a solution :slight_smile:

If you write your own lib. before then upload it here, so the forum users can check it for improving ...

Hi minyiky,
have you been able to find a driver which works with the ST7701s controller? Our project uses a display with this controller as well and since we have little to no experience with driving SPI displays we would love to know if you have found something

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