dropController for water drop photography

Here is my valve controller designed for use in photographing water drop collisions. It is similar to other Arduino based controllers with some added controls It can use up to 3 solenoid valves (more can be added fairly easily) and can create up to 9 drops.

– Up to 9 drops. Each drop separately controlled
– Mirror lock up option
– Bulb mode or shutter trigger only
– Camera shutter and focus control
– Flash trigger control
– Loop mode (Keep looping until you stop it)
– Increase or decrease times while looping
– Save and load drop data
– Auto save main settings
– Quick mode when using up to 3 drops (uses a simplified display)
– Full mode when using more than 3 drops

There are 2 versions; one is self contained and operated through a keypad and a LCD, the second is controlled via blue tooth and an Android app.

The normal version

The blue tooth version

Video of the blue tooth version in use:dropController in action

Details and files are at www.dropcontroller.com