DS18B20 on Controllino not working

Hi all,

i have a few sensors that i need to connect to a controllino Maxi Pure
For some reason, i can't get it to work. The example on the Controllino webpage is
using a Maxi Automation but according to the page any Controllino should be good.
I have a 4.7k resistor between 5V and the signal line.

I can read the address and temperature of any sensor with a normal Arduino Uno,
but no response comes from the controllino. I can't tell why.

I have connected it to several inputs, none of them seems to be working
D0 -> Pin 2 ,
D1 -> Pin 3 ,
A0 -> Pin A0
IN0 -> Pin 18

Am i missing something here?

Thanks in advance for any help !

It looks like the Controllino works at 12 or 24V. The DS18B20 doesn't. Is there a way to get 5V from it?

No that is really not the issue. The Controllino does have 5V onboard. I'm just not sure if i can use the screw terminals D0-D11 to use as arduino inputs. I start to doubt it. Very poorly documented.

I had a quick look at a jpeg of the pinout of the Controllino Maxi Pure out of curiosity.

I'm not familiar with it or its inner workings, but I wonder if the issue is that the D0-D11 screw terminals are outputs. There's likely to be some electronics in the way that is configured for those terminals to be purely outputs.

With a DS18B20, I think you need a pin that can be both an input and an output (i.e bidirectional). I would hazard a guess that you may be able to use one of the digital i/o pins on the X1 or X2 connector as the notes suggest that these are routed directly to the internal micro via a series resistor of some undisclosed value.

Hey there,

yes i think the same too. Both i have th Maxi PURE version, that hasn't got the X1 or X2 connectors.

Oops, I looked at the wrong unit!

Another look at the images on the website and the unit you have looks physically the same size as the one with the additional connectors.

You may be able to open up the unit and see if there are locations in the pcb for those connectors and wire into them.

There is no real Pinout for the Pure version of this PLC, so nothing wrong there. haha

Yes that's also exactly what i thought. Might be the only option left :disappointed_relieved: