DS3231 of example frome custom libraries is not open

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Test version::IDE 2.0-rc1-nightly.20211209
DS3231 of example frome custom libraries is not open, This library example is in IDE 1.18.17 can be opened.
I'm happy to contribute to the test team


Hi @greatelec. This is a known bug:

The workaround is to open it via File > Open... instead of File > Examples. The location of the sketch is the libraries\DS3231\examples\DS3231_set subfolder of your sketchbook folder.

If you don't know where your sketchbook is, check in File > Preferences > Sketchbook location.

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Question regarding the .pde extension. Is it valid to simply change the extension to .ino?

Yes. The two extensions are interchangeable.

.pde was the original file extension for sketches, inherited from the Arduino IDE's origin as a fork of the Processing IDE many years ago. Since Processing sketches and Arduino sketches are not the same thing, and since Processing sketches may even sometimes be a part of Arduino projects (example), use of the .pde extension for Arduino sketches can cause confusion, and this is why the IDE wants you to change them to use .ino.

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Yes, thank you for your reply! *.pde ---> *.ino, OK!

You are welcome. I'm glad if I was able to be of assistance.

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