DSO Nano [v2] official leak

What's new?

  1. Upgraded to semi-steel case for:

a Mechanical endurance

b Shielding of noises

c Easier assembly

  1. Unibody PCB design for better reliability

  2. Complete charging circuit with LTC4054 IC

  3. Dedicate channel for signal generating.

  4. Extra button for quick adjustment

  5. Fixed battery connector

  6. Compact dimension (95mm62mm13mm, 76g)

  7. Updated software (something beyond v2.4 is on going)

P.S: This is not a brand new model but a major upgrade from previous Nano, firmwares are mostly compatible, accessories including the Contemporary Minimalism DSO Nano Stand are inherited.

For more information about DSO Nano v2, please go to DSO Nano [v2] official leak - Latest Open Tech From Seeed