Due and Built in RTC? Anyone Know About clock() ?

I don't have my Due yet but I've been reading up on it and improving some of my sketches for use with the Due. In a previous sketch, I defined my own function clock() that displayed a clock on an LCD screen.

I was surprised when I tried to migrate this to the Due because it said there was already a clock function. I haven't been able to find the clock function (must be in the core library somewhere) and I have no idea what it does.

Also I think the Due is supposed to have an on-board (or on-chip?) RTC.

Can anyone provide me with more information regarding the RTC and what the function clock() does? I have no reason to believe these are related, just two curiosities I stumbled upon. It sure would be handy if clock() called returned the time from the RTC!

There is an RTC function in the ARM chip, and the board has a 32.768 kHz crystal. Without battery back-up it isn't a lot of use, though. One could presumably be added on a suitable shield. I don't think there is any RTC software support, yet.

Is it possible to solder a battery directly into the board? Is there room for it. I mean a small battery just for the clock.

Hmm ... this could be very useful for my application. I will have to do more research, it seems.

Hi, I was looking for making the due RTC work too, so I tried to do it with some register manipulation but the IDE tells me that the registers are not declared... Since I'm not very good, If someone could take a look at my code I could be nice.

void setup()
  if(RTC_WPMR==B01010010010101000100001100000001) bitSet(RTC_WPMR,0);// dissable Write protection
  bitSet(RTC_CR,0);  // request time and date update
  while(bitRead(RTC_SR,0)!=1)  //wait for acknowledge for update 
  RTC_MR=0; //Set hour mode to 24h
  RTC_TIMR=B00000000001000110011000000110000;// set time: 23:30:30
  bitClear(RTC_CR,0);//exit programing mode
void loop()
void rtcToTime(int rtcTime)
  int h=rtcTime>>16;
  int m=(rtcTime>>8)&B000000000000000001111111;
  int s=rtcTime&B00000000000000000000000001111111;

Thanks :)


Don't know if it will help, but there are RTC register definitions buried deep in the folder tree at e.g.:

... \arduino-1.5.1r2\hardware\arduino\sam\system\CMSIS\Device\ATMEL\sam3xa\include\component

Look for files component_rtc.h and instance_rtc.h (there are multiple versions in the tree under the ATMEL folder).


Thank's I checked that and it was what I needed :)