Due and USB HID support: is there a "best" library? RESOLVED

I read in Arduino literature that HID USB I/O was supported for both Leonardo and Due. I've worked quite a bit now with Joystick and Keyboard on the Leonardo so I was expecting it to be a no brainer, just paste the old code into the new sketch.

I was surprised when my first attempt to use the (Hieronimus) Joystick library with the Due led to compilation errors. It complained about a missing library PluggableUSB, iirc. Googling around gave me a vague sense of unease; I see posts about problems with HID emulation using the Due (oh no! I've picked the Due as my MCU for a USB game controller project!).

I found various versions of Joystick and Keyboard library, released on github on various dates, some claiming to support Due. I didn't find any clear indication of which of these libraries is the current favourite. Rather than waste time finding out the hard way, thought I'd ask...

Does anyone have a favourite how-to or war story (URL?) that would help me avoid pitfalls and get Joystick and Keyboard working on a Due w/minimum pain? My first really stupid question is, is the HID emulation found on the Programming Port or on the Native port ?? Despite visiting a few pages about the Due I did not find an answer to this very basic question :slight_smile:

If there is a current favourite library for Due USB/HID I will grab it, install, go off and happily port my game controller code from the Leonardo version with peace of mind.

[UPDATE] Well, I got impatient waiting for an expert opinion and decided to try a newer version of the MHeironimus lib which has served me well in the past. The README said that it had Due support, so ... anyway, it looks good so far. This library has worked very well for me in Leo-land and I am hoping it will be just as reliable in Due-land.