dynamic dns service?


Once upon a time there was a dnsDynamic service with pretty easy update mechanism. This one seems gone now. Any recommendation for another service with easy to implement updater?
…and it for ethernet shield with 5100 / 5500
I’d prefer a free service but am ready to pay for a stable and lasting solution

Thanks for taking the time to share

Have you checked to see if your router manufacturer provides such a service? Setting up DDNS on my Asus router was simple and free.


Thanks Don!

Indeed, I looked at my router (edimax) menu and it does have ddns there so I created a host at noip, entered the params in the router and... no more Internet even after recycling the power. Had to reset to factory and reload my config. Tomorrow I'll retry and it crashes again Ill buy a new one

un bon point :slight_smile:

In the case of my Asus router they maintain the DDNS on their own servers so I do not have to use anything like noip.

After you select a unique username your external address becomes .asuscomm.com .

I believe other router manufacturers may have a similar setup.


You are lucky because in this case they have both ends of the stick. I was never happy with Asus!
edimax is supposed to support services below but any change in the refresh protocol will break the update. BTW, both are Taiwanese

3322 http://www.3322.org
DHS http://www.dhs.org
DynDNS http://www.dyndns.org
ODS http://ods.org
TZO http://www.tzo.com
GnuDIP http://gnudip2.sourceforge.net
DyNS http://www.dyns.cx/
ZoneEdit http://www.zoneedit.com
DHIS http://www.dhis.org/
CyberGate CyberGate | ダイナミックDNS powerd by BiG-NET
NS2GO http://www.ns2go.com/
NO-IP http://www.noip.com/