Easy Way to See Function Code?

Is there an easy way to look at the C code of an Arduino function?

Is there an easy way to look at the C code of an Arduino function?

If you're referring to Arduino-supplied libraries, yes, you can look at (and change, if you want) library code.

Depending on what you are looking for, you will find library code in your Arduino directory under the libraries, or hardware directories.

Yup, I have both variants installed, here is the path two the stable and beta cores. ( AVR ) for Windows.

I installed my IDE versions to my D drive.

D:\arduino-1.5.2\hardware\arduino\avr\cores\arduino ( should be same for later 1.5.X releases )

The tool chain libraries are in a different location, however all the Arduino functionality is in the above cores and in the libraries folders for components like Ethernet and Wifi.

One library folder is in your documents/Arduino folder, and the others are in the folders for the IDE:



Thanks guys - appreciate your replies. I am looking for the keyboard functions (keyboard.begin etc.). I can't seem to find them in any include files or by themselves.

Heard of grep?

Anyway try USBAPI.h, HID.cpp