ECG monitor

Hi guy
I have stuck with my homework about ECG monitor that I want to calculate the Heart rate from real time ECG signal.Can anyone help?please.thank you.

Can anyone help?

For the right price.

What hardware are you using? What are you reading from that hardware? What have you tried?

The homework hotline is down the road a ways. A LONG ways.

ECG wave forms are broken down into 3 major segments. The P wave, the QRS complex, and the T wave.

All you care about is the top of the R wave (assuming a sinus rhythm, myocardial infarctions and other dysrhythmias can make your highest peak a non R wave).

Find the time between the R peaks (RR interval), and bingo.

Most people who deal with cardiology have a little ruler that measures the distance between peaks, and that tells them the heart rate, since EKG/ECG printouts use a standardized grid usually.

There's your theory, applying it is up to you.