ECS 1030-L72 connection to Arduino UNO

hi, i am new in using arduino. for my final year project i need to do power monitoring using arduino. so i am purchasing ECS1030-L72 for current sensing. unfortunately i don't know how to connect the ECS1030-L72 to the arduino. i search on the internet but i couldn't find it. can anyone help me?

and also after i write the

float sensorValue = analogRead(A0);

how do i convert the sensorValue to the current value?

i had once used ACS712, so i create a formule base on the sensitivity. but for ECS1030-L72, i'm not sure how.

i really need help since i have to submit the project in a few weeks so that i can graduate this semester. thank you. :)

thank you for the help.. but how do i create a formula so that i can get the current reading. i referred to the data sheet and from the graph i got 5mv/A.

so i came up with,

Current = (512-sensorValue)*1000/1023;

but the current is not correct. i did not clamp the current sensor to any load but it gave a reading 2-6 Ampere. did i do something wrong in the calculation?

Hola amigo como estas, yo tengo el mismo problema que tu, estoy con mi proyeto final de la universidad para obtener el titulo, y no se como conectar el sensor ECS1030-L72 al Arduino, es para saber si me puedes decir como hiciste tu

I've never played with one of these, but I note that it creates a current level, or voltage level through a load resistor, which is very small. The analog read resolution of an Arduino may not do a good job with this. I suggest you google up "opamp non-inverting amplifier", and consider amplifying your very small voltage up into the 5 v. range. Opamps are very friendly little circuits, and very easy (for applications like this) to apply. Besides, if your in an electronics curriculum, you'll need Opamps sooner or later.

Good luck