Eeprom. Get signature

How can i make a function that receives the same parameters than the EEPROM.get(index, object variable), in other words, how is the signature of EEPROM.get function?

Check source code for the EEPROM library. This may vary according to which board you have selected in the Tools > Board menu. The easiest way to find the active version of the EEPROM library is:

  • File > Examples > EEPROM > select any example sketch
  • Sketch > Show sketch folder

That will open the example sketch subfolder of the EEPROM library folder. By navigating up a few folder levels, then maybe opening the src subfolder you will find the source files.

In the case of Arduino AVR Boards (Uno, Mega, Leonardo, etc.) you can see the latest version of the source code here:
Note that, in this case, all code is contained in the .h file. Other versions may have multiple source files.

I'll study it later. Thanks you