Eight LED array

I know that this is well out of the league of all the other projects showcased here, but hey it saves me a lot of time. If I could make PCB’s I would do so and use smd’s but hey … one day. Pedro.

Hey, good job. I think we all started with some blinking LEDs. And even if you are able to build more complex circuits, sometimes you come back for such blinking LEDs. Like I did for my little bus sniffer, that looks just similar to your circuit: The little board that is connected to the ZIF socket. It was a quick hack to be able to check the correct connectivity of address- and data-lines of my eeprom programmer.

So don't give up. Making simple PCBs can be done easily at home with simple methods like "toner transfer" method, even etching can be done with things you find at home (see here). Also soldering SMD parts is easier then is seems. I tried this too, some months ago: http://www.ichbinzustaendig.de/2012/12/08/smd-platine-im-tonertransfer-teil-1.html and http://www.ichbinzustaendig.de/2012/12/09/smd-platine-im-tonertransfer-teil-2.html

The good thing for SMD PCBs is, that you don't need to drill holes. If you get stucked, this forum is always a good source for help.


Thanks for the encouragement Mario. Yes I am always wiring up a “bytes worth of LED’s” as I tend to use LED’s to display the output of any of my new forays into coding. Here is the first, what for me is complicated circuit, that I built up on veroboard with Crossroads invaluable help. I am looking forward to making my first PCB, but i have got to knuckle down and learn a bit of Eagle design first. Not enough hours in the day hey 8)

Very nice Pedro! I can see you are very organized and you pay attention to detail. Your wires are color coordinated and you take the time to build it right the first time.

I am sure your first PCB will come out perfect. Once you think you have a PCB in mind to send to a fab, just open Eagle and go for it. Even if it's just a simple shift register with LEDs on it. The sense of accomplishment is overwhelming.

When you start your Eagle design, if you have any questions, please ask, there are members here with enough experience with Eagle to help with any problem.

Thank you so much for the kind words codlink. I cannot speak highly enough of the members of this forum who take the time to guide us less experienced members. This forum is a great place to be 8)