Electric Screwdriver motor and L298N question

I have read quite a few forum posts here about this and I dont understand why this works in this video:

I have an even smaller electric screwdriver that runs off a single cell lipo and the motor will only make whining noises but not turn. Its rated for 3-6V and is a standard RS380, so nothing special at all.

Since I have only a 4.2V lipo with maybe 2C discharge, there cant be more than 8-9A stall current with my setup and yes, that is just over the 4A I can do on the L298N (running both outputs together) but anyways, that clearly didnt stop the guy in the video.

I read through this thread http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=208418.0 but that didnt really explain anything beyond going for an alternative to the L298N.

So I am curious whats different?

By modern standards the L298 is a terrible motor driver. It drops over 3 Volts at 1 Amp current leaving 1.2 Volts (4.2 - 3) for your motor. No wonder the 3-6V motor won't move. The guy in the video was using a 12V battery so the wasted voltage was not noticeable. Pololu has a wide selection of DC brushed motor drivers.

is just over the 4A I can do on the L298N

The L298 has always been overrated, and can provide only about 1A per channel. Don't waste any more of your time with it.

The stall current of the RS-380 motor is over 21 Amperes at 7.2V.

Ok that makes sense. Thanks for clearing this up - im off to shop for a proper driver.

Just wanted to ask if I will be fine using this VNH2SP30

I am aware that this is nowhere near a Pololu but for the price...

8-9 A is not just over 4 A, it's way over 4 A.

Yes but I was using the outputs together, so 8A max on the L298.

Anyway, thats history now, just wanted to ask if im ok with a VNH2SP30 .

so 8A max on the L298

No, 2 Amperes max, using both channels in parallel, for any significant length of time.