Electrolux / AEG Hob2Hood IR codes wanted!


I own a kitchen hood that can be controlled over IR via the Hob2Hood protocol where the hob sends IR signals to control fan speed. I would really like to control my hood from an Arduino - but I don't have a hob to record the IR pulses from. I really need the codes. :o

There is a project on GitHub using the IRremote library for receiving Hob2Hood signals, but it contains the "compressed" hashed codes that can only be used for receiving. :frowning:

I would be more than grateful if someone owning a compatible hob could use the IRremote library to record the commands and post them in raw form, see the example below.

Looking forward to any help I can get!

The codes in the github project are the raw codes.
const long IRCMD_VENT_1 = 0xE3C01BE2;
const long IRCMD_VENT_2 = 0xD051C301;
const long IRCMD_VENT_3 = 0xC22FFFD7;
const long IRCMD_VENT_4 = 0xB9121B29;
const long IRCMD_VENT_OFF = 0x55303A3;
const long IRCMD_LIGHT_ON = 0xE208293C;
const long IRCMD_LIGHT_OFF = 0x24ACF947;

Those are not some compressed hashes but raw binary data sent via IR written in hexadecimal representation.
In example:
Number 0xE3C01BE2 is actualy 1110 0011 1100 0000 0001 1011 1110 0010 in binary.
The codes can not be "used only for receiving". The sending and receiving codes needs to be the same in order to make it work, otherwise it makes no sense. So you should be able to use the same codes as in the github project.

But i dont know what is this representation of IRremote you posted in the screen. I don't recognise this type of "raw" data writing (sNNNN mNNNN). So you need to find how to convert between them and the standard decimal/hexadecimal/binary representation.