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appears at the end of my email messages sent from the site for post replies. It's not usually a problem until the poster includes a complete sketch as part of the reply. In this case I have to scroll, scroll, scroll to get to the bottom. I know it's a quibble but, could the Visit Topic link be moved to the top of the message?

Can the message be abbreviated to merely 'Someone replied to this thread you're subscribed to' ?  I looked in preferences and didn't see anything like that.

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This would be quite good as if your on mobile then there is a lot of finger swiping at times.

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Who is @support123?

my bad I was looking for a support tag.

There is a global site setting to send an excerpt of the topic instead of the whole content, see post excerpts in emails.

To completely delete the content of emails there is the security site setting private email. It is generally recommended if a site deals with sensitive content.

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