enc28j60 problem with tcp

I'have problem with sending of tcp sens data to php backend .... after random amount of time it stop sending data ... but all other process at arduino pro mini continue working ... sometime data is damaged ... (not full sting recived) backend looping each 50ms, arduino send data each 0.5-1 sec.

[arduino pro mini UIPEthernet.h enc28j60 powered by Linear stabilizer 5v]

void postDATA(String dp){ // Serial.println(dp); if (client.connect("domain.com.ua",12345)) { digitalWrite(LED_BUILTIN, HIGH); client.println(dp); //delay(32000UL); conn_retry = 0; digitalWrite(LED_BUILTIN, LOW); client.flush(); client.stop(); } else { //data to eprom conn_retry++; if(conn_retry > 10) { client.flush(); client.stop(); Ethernet.begin(mac); Ethernet.maintain(); } } }

if((GET_TIME - ptimer) >= 1) { postDATA(String("action=data&type=temp &value=" + String(t1))); ptimer = GET_TIME; }

I'have idea to make some array that i've prepare all data to send then send it at one cicle row by row. But i've no idea how to make that array right at arduino IDE ...

And first of all i wount to send JSON data but pro mini have not enouph resurces for it .... 96% of rom is already used buy librarys and code.

96% of rom is already used buy librarys and code.

That doesn't matter. The JSON data would be stored in SRAM.

You are almost certainly running out of SRAM because of the overuse/misuse of the String class. Learn about C strings - NULL terminated arrays of chars - and stop using the String class.

Can you give me example how to do that right i'm newbe at arduino ... I used PHP C# delphi little bit of java before but doenst use clear C or C++.

As you see i need to prepare data for sending via tcp at url param format or json format. I've to send 8 sensors value with lables (tavg, t1, t2, t3, f1, f2, d0, p0). It's collect all that data each 1 second then send it to php backend.

I've cut all my Wishlist becouse of limitations of ram and rom ((( ... it my first experience of using arduino IDE and hardware. I was not expecting of that (.

Am I using ethernet library right ?

Am I using ethernet library right ?

Yes, but you are not using the String library correctly, because you are using it. Stop doing that.

how to make my long string in char format ?