Enclosure for MKR Env Shield that is transparent to UV

I bought a watertight enclosure with a transparent plexiglass lid to put the MKR Env Shield in so I could measure Illuminance and UVA/UVB. I did some measurements and although the Illuminance doesn't change with or without the lid, UVA is reduced about 35% and UVB about 60%. Has anyone found a watertight enclosure with a lid that is transparent to UV?

By the way, I also tried measuring UV through the glass windows in my house, and they reduce the UV measurement significantly also. (Not surprising.)

Hello @garywil,

I've just started working with the MKR ENV shield. My initial "newbie" impressions are:

  • it takes a "few" cycles for the UV readings to asymptote even under steady ambient conditions
  • it will be challenging to use it in unattended mode a la weather station

Of course, I have a lot to learn and I'm ramping up but there are too many other distractions to do something with the data already under the belt.

Kind regards.