Encoder library error with Arduino 1.0.4

To test my rotary encoder i tried to use the encoder library with the sample program basic.pde
under Arduino 1.0.4 but it did not work.
The same constellation under Arduino 1.0.1 works very well.
What have i to do?
The textcolour of the word Encoder in the Line:
Encoder myEnc(5, 6);
is in 1.0.4 black, in 1.0.1 the text is coloured brown.

There is no standard encoder library in the standard arduino distribution. You must have downloaded it and stored in the wrong place in your 1.0.1 installation and when you installed 1.0.4 it replaced the core library with a new standard version.

3rd party and user written libraries should be stored in a directory named libraries placed in your users sketch directory, that way when you upgrade the IDE you don't lose any libraries you either downloaded or wrote yourself.