Error in Library:

Hello, I have found an error in the Library I use OpenSuSE 11.1 and typicall for Linux is the correct use of upper and lower case spelling. On the page where you can download the Library, there is an example for processing with two import commands:

import processing.serial.*;
import cc.arduino.*;

But the 2nd import doesn't work, because in the Zip file, the Library file begins with an upper case letter. If you rename the the Arduino.jar in arduino.jar, the Library will work.


Really? But the name of the .jar doesn't have any relation to the package of the files inside, does it? (I can put any class in a .jar of any name, right?) Do you know why this matters?

Thank you very much HM, this tip saved my evening Same issue here with library under Ubuntu 8.04 same tip applied nicely :) Rgds Gilles