Error while trying to upload marlin to CR-10 S5 factory motherboard.

Hi, I have managed to install the bootloader on my motherboard but when I try and upload the firmware I get this error:

Arduino: 1.8.10 (Mac OS X), Board: "Sanguino, ATmega1284 or ATmega1284P (16 MHz)"

/var/folders/zs/0g5ksc697mdc7dn74cslyyc40000gn/T//ccxmcHaW.ltrans0.ltrans.o: In function `main':
/private/var/folders/zs/0g5ksc697mdc7dn74cslyyc40000gn/T/AppTranslocation/E7E72848-E7CF-48AC-88CF-5B15A71082AE/d/ undefined reference to `setup'
/private/var/folders/zs/0g5ksc697mdc7dn74cslyyc40000gn/T/AppTranslocation/E7E72848-E7CF-48AC-88CF-5B15A71082AE/d/ undefined reference to `loop'
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
exit status 1
Error compiling for board Sanguino.

You're missing parts of the Marlin sketch. Marlin consists of hundreds of files. These are stored in the src subfolder of the sketch. If you're missing that src subfolder then you will get this error message.

The classic Arduino IDE has a bug where the src subfolder is lost when you do a "File > Save As...", so that might be the reason why it's missing. If so, you can just copy it from the original Marlin sketch folder to the copy of the sketch you saved.

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