Error with Onewire library

Sorry guys but I need to bother you with this… I have searched the forum but have not found a cure for this problem.

I want to use onewire library in my sketch so I downloaded the library from

I have unzipped it to libraries folder. The libraries folder is located in the same directory as the sketch.

I have restarted the Arduino but still I get the error message:
temp_dig_test.cpp:1:21: error: OneWire.h: No such file or directory

What am I doing wrong ? I won’t go to bed before this is solved :slight_smile:

What does your sketch look like? Have you included OneWire.h in the sketch?

Using Sketch + Import Library..., do you have the option of importing OneWire?

I forgot to mention that. I do not have an option ‘onewire’ going trough sketch+ import library.

I just cannot understand why it is not there… Lets say that I the sketch is located in …\My arduino\dallas_test. Where should the library be in that case? I have tested both in …\My arduino\libraries and …\My arduino\dallas_test\libraries

#include <OneWire.h> is in the sketch but I suppose it does not help if the above-mentioned is not working.

The easiest thing to do is find where one of the libraries that you CAN import is located, and put the OneWire library in the same place.

Well, I have tested to put it in the same location where the standard libraries are located. No success. This is the first third-party library I am working with.

What is actually meant by 'installing' the library? I have just unzipped the library without any special 'installation'.

SSzretter writes in an other thread:

Found the answer - not sure if this is an Arduino requirement or something else, but:

There should be an "Arduino" folder in your "My Documents" folder. Inside that you need to create a "libraries" folder if not already present. Inside that, place the Ports and RF12 folders.

This solved the problem!!! Thanks for your help anyhow.

After installing a new library you allways need to restart the IDE as it reads the libraries at startup to make its menu's.

Please read and especially the section sketchbook for info about where to store your own sketches.