ESP32 + 3.5 TFT IL9486 (SPI - not working, parallel - blue screen)


I've tried to conect an ESP32 (ESP32 ESP 32 ESP32S ESP 32S CP2102 Wireless WiFi Bluetooth Development Board Micro USB Dual Core Power Amplifier Filter Module|Replacement Parts & Accessories| - AliExpress)

with 3.5 TFT display (IL9486 driver) (Free shipping! 3.5 inch TFT LCD screen module Ultra HD 320X480 for Arduino MEGA 2560 R3 Board|tft lcd screen module|lcd screen modulescreen module - AliExpress

using TFT ESPI GitHub - Bodmer/TFT_eSPI: Arduino and PlatformIO IDE compatible TFT library optimised for the Raspberry Pi Pico (RP2040), STM32, ESP8266 and ESP32 that supports different driver chips
in two different ways: SPI and Parallel (once again using examples in TFT espi library)

but all I got is:

SPI - not working at all, blank display
Parallel - Display works but the only color is blue (in different shades) and sometimes Green appears.

Please help
Thanks in advance!

Your display has 8080-16 parallel interface.
It is designed as a Shield to plug into a MEGA2560 or DUE.

Bodmer's library only supports 8080-8 parallel
ESP32 has not got enough pins for 16-bit parallel.


Thanks for your response!
As far as I understand - there is no way of connecting this display to the ESP32.
Can you please advise me what displays I can use with ESP32? (2.2inch+ with good resolution)
Thank you once again!

There a whole range of Chinese Red SPI displays e.g. 2.8 inch with Touch

I suggest 2.4 inch 240x320 or 3.5 inch 320x480
These are the displays that most people use with ESP8266 or ESP32


So If I got you right - I need to chose one of the displays that have ILI9341 Driver like these:

2.2 Smart Electronics 2.2 Inch 240*320 Dots SPI TFT LCD Serial Port Module Display ILI9341 5V / 3.3V 2.2'' 240x320 for Arduino Diy|display ili9341|module displayspi tft - AliExpress
2.8 2.8" 240x320 SPI TFT LCD Serial Port Module With PCB Adapter Micro SD ILI9341 5V/3.3V 2.8 inch LED Display For 5110 Interface|LCD Modules| - AliExpress
3.2 3.2 inch 320*240 SPI Serial TFT LCD Module Display Screen with Touch Panel Driver IC ILI9341 for MCU|LCD Modules| - AliExpress

240x320 is ILI9341
320x480 is ILI9488

Google for "Surenoo"
They have a wide range of displays.


Thanks a lot!