ESP32 board not supported for uploada

We can connect the ESP32 on a Chromebook, and identify the port and the microcontroller in Arduino Create, but we cannot upload the code in the chromeOS, it does work in PC and Mac. Is there a solution?

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I haven't used ESP32 or chromeOS but don't you need drivers? I have used ESP8266 (with Windows) and they are usually with CP2102 and it needs drivers.

We would think so. The web editor allows for choosing to verify the code, but not upload. We can upload from a PC through Create so one would think there is a driver issue. We use PCs 99% of the time with Uno, Nano, and ESP32 - and always successfully, but have some students who only have Chromebooks so they are limited.

The IoT part of Create supports ESP32 fully - so we are unsure where the disconnect is.

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