ESP32-Cam module -> which protocols to use connecting to different sensors

Hi, I have ESP32-Cam module, rather a new module, and I would like to connect to it different sensors like pn532 or RC522. I tried to search some examples and comments using esp32 cam with SPI/I2C but couldnt find anything. I would appreaciate any help figuring out which way I should be headed if I want to use esp32-cam to control these sensors.

Also tried to search MISO,MOSI,SS pins on esp32-cam but without succes. When I tried to output these pins in the serial monitor like this:

Serial.print("SDA: ");
Serial.print("SCL ");
Serial.print("MOSI: ");
Serial.print("MISO ");
Serial.print("SCK: ");
Serial.print("SS ");

I got

SDA: 21
SCL 22
MOSI: 23
SCK: 18
SS 5

After looking at some datasheet describing pins on this module:

I found these pins, but I guess they are not part of IO part of the board with which I can interact, I guess they are used by the on board cam. But in the datasheet they describe that this module supports following interfaces UART, SPI, I2C, PWM.

Does anybody know if its possible to connect both of those sensors to this module? What are my options?

Thank you

rfid rc522.jpg

I'm in the same boat... No easy way to use the I2C pins :frowning:

IIRC the I2C pins of the ESP32 can be routed to any pin.

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