Esp32 Cam with error in monitor

I'm trying to set up a camera and I'm getting a error in my serial monitor

ets Jun 8 2016 00:22:57

configsip: 0, SPIWP:0xee
mode:DIO, clock div:1
ho 0 tail 12 room 4
entry 0x400805f0

E (892) camera: Camera probe failed with error 0x105(ESP_ERR_NOT_FOUND)
Camera init failed with error 0x105

What has gone wrong and how do I fix this

How are you powering the ESP32-CAM?

Possibly faulty camera, or camera connector, or inadequate power supply.

with a Samsung mobile battery pack 10000 fast charge

Post a pic of your project connected to the power supply.

Next, copy and post the entire error message.

You will need to post your code. Looking at your error message it appears the code to operate the camera has been loaded onto the ESP32CAM.

When you post code use code tags.

Oh and when you post code use code tags, please.

That could be caused by a brownout.

And this could mean your camera was not found to be properly connected, post a good pic of your camera to ESP32 connection.

And next time post more of the boot message that fails. I'd like to see if the PSRAM test passed.

that was all of the error message in serial monitor tab

I also can't find the ip address on angry ip scanner but I thought it was because of the error with the camera

Interesting. The boot message posted in #1 is not the boot message of a ESP32WROVER.

Post a pic of your project.

do I just upload a image from my computer

Images uploaded

I can only upload one image at a time

You do not have a WROVER. If you get the thing to work, it will not be a good example of a working ESP32CAMP.

The connection of the camera does not look good. The cam board has some terrible solder joints on it.

Images of the unit all connected and powered up are coming, right?

so the boards are crap where would you suggest I buy them from

Not from the place where you bought them.

I bought 6 ESP32CAMS a few weeks ago from Amazon. I'm giving them away as stocking stuffers. Also, Amazon is where I bought the ESP32CAM's, I am using at home.

I do not think working a ESP32 CAM with a WROOM is a good idea.

You might load up a blank sketch and use the ESP32S for something else. If the blank sketch loads and you get no errors on boot, then the ESP32 may be all good to go.

I bought these from Amazon

I think I will go to Pihut for my next camera kit thinking of the M5Stack Unit Cam Wi-Fi Camera DIY Kit (OV2640) the Esp32cam are in the bin I've wasted three days trying to get them to work

Is what I use:
AmazonSmile: 2 PCS ESP32-CAM WiFi Bluetooth Development Board, Aideepen 2PCS ESP32 DC 5V Dual-core Wireless with OV2640 Camera TF Card Module : Electronics

So my replacement esp32-cam have arrived all uploaded and I'm happy I get a IP address in serial monitor.

However when I log on to the Ip address all I get now I a broken JPEG icon at the top of my screen this happens in still grab and video stream.
I am using a raspberry pi plug in power supply
I have used chrome and edge web browser
Any idea's on how I go about fixing this

Are you using the example program that comes with the IDE? I did not every get that one to work correctly. I ended up finding the RNT ESP32CAM webeserver that worked, GitHub - easytarget/esp32-cam-webserver: Expanded version of the Espressif ESP webcam.

so I can't get this think working does anyone have a working unit I could buy. I live in the UK

I've tried a different unit and got it working so it was the camera that was faulty and not the code also 1 out of 4 is really bad quality.

Hi, for anybody still struggling with a similar issue, I have the same hardware as the pics from tiny-james and I did make it work with the sample example (Webserver) just carefully selecting the correct camera module. In my case, the one in the uploaded picture.

Hope this helps.
Screenshot from 2021-11-26 17-01-39