Esp8266-01 and Arduino uno r3: problems on serial

Hi all,
I'm using ESP8266-01 in order to enable WiFi communication on Arduino Uno R3.
I'm using a SerialSoftware on pin 11,12 but I cannot view clearly messages, since, writing on serial I obtain a lot of spurious characters.
Reading other posts, I've found that could be related to baud rate; I'm using 115200, I've found that is too high but is the only rate
I can receive anything on the Serial. Why do I face such issue? Which problem could be? Could be useful to use PIN 0 and 1? In such a case should I have to use HardwareSerial
implementation instead of SoftwareSerial?
Did anyone of you have ever faced with same issue? Could it be related to SoftwareSerial issues or connections on circuit?
Any suggestion Will be appreciated!
Thank You!!!!