ESP8266 FTP Client


I am using ESP8266 used for providing a wifi connection for the project. for the project firmware updating over the air I need to download the binary of the firmware from the FTP server to ESP8266. I am not using SD for extra storage. is it possible to hold a max of 30 to 40 kb of the binary file on my SPIFFS. I have extensively searched on google for the sample code for ESP8266 FTP client downloading. But I haven't got any codes regarding it. please share if anyone knows about it.

FTP-servers are not all the same, and it is hard to make a FTP-client that can talk to every FTP-server.

This is basic code for a client:

This is a library for the ESP8266:

This is a FTP-client for the ESP32: Then you have to upgrade to a ESP32.

There are more.