ESP8266 get txt file

I’m very new but have found my way through alot of projects. I currently have a website, with a txt file. Its going to be just short little phrases. I ultimately want to read the txt file, and store into an array,string, or variable. I’ll use that to be placed on an oled screen.

Is there an easy way to gather just the contents of the txt file without headers, and html code that the server is producing by the request? I want to remotely grab text, not post since I won’t have a way to reach the esp8266 externally, but it will have access out to retrieve.

Seems like there would be an http get request that only gets the body, or a raw type of get data.

For PHP based server you could create code to just send the Text for the file only
*** this contains many possible hacking opportunities because you could read files within your site.
Test.php Contains

// No space before < ? 
include_once($_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"]. "/" . $_GET["FileName"]); 
// Do not close the PHP with ? > this could add spaces etc at the end of your file

Test.txt contains only

Test file

so now the PHP code retrieves the text file and sends it.
you could also access the Text.txt file directly and have the same results

You will only get the text within the file with no additional headers.