Esplora enhancement suggestions


I am playing around with Arduinos for several years and started with the Esplora and the TFT Display 2 weeks ago and I am fascinated by the Esplora design and possibilities, using it as an IR remote control by plugging a IR LED to the Tinkerkit output B and extended the IRLib to use pin 11 as PWM for the ATmega 32U4. Furthermore, I would like to move away from a wired connection to a PC/Device and are looking for bluetooth additionally to the display.

Here are my suggestions for future developments.

  • Add a I2C plug to extend the interfacing possibilities
  • Move to 3.3 V
  • Add a bluetooth device to the board to allow wireless serial communication. It is possible to attach this via the display adapter but usually the bluetooth chips use 3.3V and require a logic level converter. Ideally the pins 0 and 1 should not be used for the display, alternatively the bluetooth chip can be connected via SPI, which make the communication (not Serial) more complicated.
  • Add a IR LED and IR receiver directly to the board.