Ethernet Shield data transfer

I have an Ethernet Shield programed as Client using library exemple. Configured as home net : for PC and the Shield using a router

Ping from PC to shield works good in 3ms, but I dont receive any data sent by client.write(“sdjfhsiaudf”); to my PC. My terminal writes TCP/IP error 100061…

Can you giv me some idea where to search for error?

Thanks, Petr

Google said:

error 10061 indicates that the server computer didn't even accept the TCP connection in the first place - the connection never got to the stage of being connected nor authenticated.

Possible causes are: - Broken TCP stack on the second machine - Broken DNS setip on the second machine (what form of VNC Viewer address do you use?) - A firewall configuration at the server that permits connections only from certain addresses - A firewall configuration at the server that permits connections only via certain network interfaces - Some sort of firewall software on the second machine, that is aborting the connection at the source.

Thanks! I´ll check your points when I get home. Petr

The most obvious reason for getting a 100061 "Connection Refused" error is if there isn't a server listening at the remote end.

And as you say that you're using the Client example for the Arduino then that's true - there won't be anything listening on the Arduino.

TCP isn't quite like a serial connection where you just open the serial port at each end and can send and receive data. It's a client-server model where one end initiates the connection (the client) and the other end must already be listening for that incoming connection (the server).

It sounds like you're using something like telnet on your PC, which is effectively trying to connect two clients together, and won't work.

The easiest solution is probably to use the ChatServer example on your Arduino. Then the Arduino will be acting as a server, listening on port 23, and you'll be able to telnet to it from your PC.

Anything you type into telnet will then be echoed back to you by the Arduino. It might not look like anything much is happening at first, because you'll just see what you're typing, but because of how telnet works the text will have been sent to the Arduino and back if it's appearing :-)

Thanks! Chat looks good. My PC will be more listenning than sending data. Arduino will talk much more. On Arduino then, I´ll have to just filter those data sent by Arduino and back from those sent by PC and back. Looking forward to CHAT! :-) Petr