Ethernet Shield Performance

I'm going through the thought process for a new project which would require the Ethernet shield.

Sadly, I don't have one with which to test, and can't find any statistics on it, so I was hoping y'all could help: What is the maximum expected sustained rate for reading from a single Socket connection?

Specifically, assuming no processing of the data on the part of the arduino; just reading the data from the ethernet shield as rapidly as possible.

I suspect there's an absolute upper bound of 1MB/sec, but I need to know what the actual reasonable value is for sustained reading.

Thanks y'all.

For anyone that would find this useful, the highest I've gotten it as far as sending data is ~5kilobytes/second. Past that and painfully long slow downs occur.

That, and there was apparently someone else out there with the same problem/question, .

My stance since your linked question hasn’t changed, if you want faster, its likely an Arduino isn’t up to the job in the first place.

I have just started playing with my Ethernet shield, and I wrote an RSS feed reader for Slashdot. Turns out I can achieve only 4.70 KB/s according to my code. I dug into the Ethernet library a little, and it appears that every time there is data to read (at least in this experience) there are 1024 bytes from available(), yet the library only allows you to read 1 byte at time... I'm thinking that there should be a way to grab more than just one byte at a time, and that should improve the performance...

I looked at the Ethernet2 library, but haven't tried it yet, though it also presents the same 1 byte at a time interface.

I will have to play with that a bit and see if I can pull the pointer out of the depths of that library, and maybe just work with that directly. Has anyone ever tried something like that before?