examples and code at bottom - graph

Sorry if this has been asked lots of times…

I am learning from the examples, and am looking at the Graph example. I have it working using the serial monitor, but I see there is code at the bottom of the example that is commented out that looks like it opens a port, reads the data, etc.
What is this code designed to run in? Java?

Maybe I skipped some documentation i should have read?

Possibly I have my answer from the 'learning page' - the examples have source at the bottom that run in the 'processing' development environment? (processing.org)??


Yes, I too have had some difficulty with this.

However, I found the answer at http://protolab.pbwiki.com/TutorialProcessingSetup

the whole site is dedicated to this. Good luck

Please let me know if you get the graph program to work.

Whenever I run it, I just get a blank box, where a graph SHOULD be, but no graph or moving lines.

However, in the arduino software, i do see the serial monitor as registering changes in my sensor values.

Very strange why it is no ouputting this smae data to a graph.

If you can help, this would be great!!!

Maybe your processing sketch isn't listening to the right com port.