Excel to Arduino

Hello there,

There are 5 different cells (with text) in Excel.

How do I show these cells on 5 different display LCD via Arduino? :confused:


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I actually wanted to tell you about the attached work.

Note: it doesn’t matter what the text on the LCD Display.

Note: it doesn't matter what the text on the LCD Display

I'm quite sure that is true - and I imagine the least of your problems. PLX v2 can handle two-way traffic, hence my post, but you need to check how it goes with wireles comms.

There has been discussion on using multiple LCD, particularly using 4x20s on I2C bus. If you really have good reason for separate displays, it may be better to drive them individually with ESP01s, or the like, talking directly to PC.

The bottom part of your picture just seems to be a pointless exercise to use up surplus hardware. In the unlikely event that you can use an NRF24 connected to PC, you might as well connect direct to that on the Nano. NRF24 is not a WiFi device.