Exit status 1 Error compiling for board Arduino Mega or Mega 2560

Delete Delete Delete Delete

Maybe you did not install the adafruit_sensor library?

exit status 1
'class DHT' has no member named 'readTempAndHumidity'; did you mean 'readHumidity'?

Looks like the DHT library you have installed is not the same library as used by the author of the sketch. Check the original source of the sketch to see if they mention WHICH library they use.

Newtech_Home_Automation_V_4.01_Mega_2560_Tested_OK.ino (54.5 KB)

Please check it?

Actually I am use this code 8 month ago today we open when some library issue or my pc library all have but why this problem!!!

Google found this DHT library that contains the function 'readTempAndHumidity':

Same Problem!!! please check pict.

Newtech_Home_Automation_V_4.01_Mega_2560_Tested_OK.ino (54.5 KB)

@giash Please stop posting screenshots of errors
If you get errors please copy them to the clipboard using the "Copy Error message" button in the IDE and paste them here in code tags

No, different problem!!!
You have multiple libraries with the same .h file name. Just delete the libraries you don't want to use.

OK Thanks

where I delete?

The messages tell you where each of the libraries was found.

I would normally copy-and-paste the directory path from your messages but you only posted a picture, not the text, of the messages.

Invalid library found in C:\Users\giash_newtech\Documents\Arduino\libraries\examples: no headers files (.h) found in C:\Users\giash_newtech\Documents\Arduino\libraries\examples

Please Help me how problem my Library!!!

Newtech_Home_Automation_V_4.01_Mega_2560_Tested_OK.ino (55.6 KB)

That DHT library is not working since you get " error: 'class DHT' has no member named..." errors. Delete that directory

That shows that you have TWO other DHT libraries. They look like they may be the same library with two different directory names. You should delete one of them. It doesn't matter which.

You have two "LiquidCrystal_I2C" libraries. The one it used is not the right one because you got "error: no matching function for call to 'LiquidCrystal_I2C::begin()'". Delete that directory and hope the library in the other directory is the right one.

Please tell me details I am don't understand ?

I have TeamViewer do you check it?

You have the wrong DHT library. Delete it and install the right one. See reply #9 for the location of what may be the correct library.

You have the wrong 'LiquidCrystal_I2C' library installed. Delete it: C:\Users\giash_newtech\Documents\Arduino\libraries\NewLiquidCrystal_lib
Use Google to find an Arduino 'LiquidCrystal_I2C' library that contains "t_backlightPol" and install that one.