Experience level and age?

It could be a good idea BUT this message have to be translated in different language in international part.
Each "local" moderator can translate.

Probably only if I get the sense that all interested parties are prepared to make the effort to collaborate effectively. It's more ambitious of a project than I have the time or energy to drive solely on my own initiative at this time.

Which message?

You have my backing and support, the same as for the re-write. Doing this seems like a natural extension of the re-write. As with that I will help when I can but I do have a job which limits the time I can give to this.

I guess by translation the suggestion was the mods for each language translate into their own language. I guess it's more up to them to decide how well it fits into their sections.

This one.
Does it exist in German, Spanish, Italian, etc ........

Yes. It is translated into 47 different languages.

@PerryBebbington will be happy to learn that we even have the obscure English (UK) dialect :laughing:

Ay up yooth, tha's rate 'bout that, round 'ere thee speaks common like.

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UK English is the only decent English :slight_smile: See below excerpt of a letter to the Americans that circulates on the internet.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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And that'z my last word on the matter.

I think it's time we brought the colonies back under control!


I disagree. I think such an expectation is naive at best.

  1. There is no way most of us are going to put their birthday on a public forum.

  2. And any experience could be very much understated or overstated.

  3. To restrict someone because they are "....checkboxes in profiles could restrict what is made available (student, college, hobbyist, professional coder, engineer)...." goes against the very idea of a forum.

The only way to know whom to trust is to read their posts and learn who is helpful or not.

i think understanding their background an illicit a little more patience in some cases to help them describe their problem better. in other cases, it may be a lost cause and not worth the effort

I think most forum users will immediately understand a post from a new younger poster. Most often they don't know how to communicate their issue. They probably need more TLC than others. They not only need help with their problem but also how to ask which often entails teaching them what to ask and why.

Personally I post on this forum because it makes me feel good to help others. There is no way to put me in a "category" that will tell how useful my posts are. So it's quite likely you might put me in the carmudgeon category and ignore me, which is fine with me.

BTY what category would you be in.......

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many websites (e.g. facebook) and forums have (do not require) birthdates.

student, professional have clear meanings.

In my professional experience (telecommunications) 'professional' is anything from a really good job to bodge it and scarper.

As for students you only have to look at the quality of questions on here from students to know they range from idiots trying to get someone else to do their homework through to students really trying hard to learn.

professional means paid. i heard of an english major who was a very good programmer and knew a respectable RF engineer who had an ornamental agricultural degree. of course there are poor professional coders.

some students are in high school, and as you've describes. i've helped some working on graduate degrees (probably not is CS). those outside their field deserve similar patience but probably different answers than high school students having a problem with an assignment. then there are those working as an apprentice (??)

other posters seem very inexperienced, but are not students and I wonder if they aren't professional something. some can be very frustrating ("code work not why")

Indeed. It doesn't mean the person is any good at anything, so knowing they are professional tells us nothing.

My hobby overlaps my work by quite a lot so am I a hobbiest or a professional?

i don't understand why you're arguing.


have you ever gotten paid for writing code? and you can be both.

(i got paid for writing code as a student in college. knowing age would put this into perspective)

i'm not suggesting banning people if they are dishonest, just looking for some simple yes/no answers to help .. help assess their background and ability to understand and response

Given how hard it is to get people to post their code correctly and to read the guidelines, I would not expect newcomers to bother entering such data.

As I've said elsewhere, I would like to see post count displayed below the avatar, as it was in the old forum - that would give a clue as to what to expect from the person posting.

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This is, I believe, a discussion, I hold a different opinion to you. I regard my opinion as equally valid to yours.

ok. did you answer my questions? do they help you understand my perspective?

I read your questions and comments, I responded to those parts I felt I had something to say about. I'm not sure I properly understand your perspective, I'm not sure if I can. I can, however, accept it as your perspective while not agreeing with it.